impediments to really living

“The essential impediments to the charismatic experience of our potentialities for living is to be found in our passive sins, not our active ones. For the hindrance is not our despairing attempt to be ourselves, but our despairing attempt not to be ourselves, os that out of fear of life and fear of death we fall short of what our lives could be. The charismata of the Spirit are present wherever faith in God drives out the fears of life and wherever the hope of resurrection overcomes the fear of death.”
~J├╝rgen Moltmann

In pursuing this false self, this amusements or distractions, or other selfish grasping we try to pour some measure of bounty back into our life, filling it up in ways that keep us occupied. But, these never fill. Keep pouring in and the lusts will never be sated. There is no peace, there is no stillness, there is no wholeness. The self-focused turn inward makes us instead artificial and anonymous.

Instead, in faith and hope we are free to be free with and for others, no longer demanding an identity from friends, work or sins. We can hope and help others find their hope, resonating deeply and broadly towards a real awareness of the fullness and possibilities of even this present life.

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