How Long? The Trek Through the Wilderness

Today is the official release day of my new book, How Long? The Trek Through the Wilderness, published by Barclay Press. Over the next week, I’m going to post excerpts, background information, and other tidbits. I’d also love to hear any questions or comments from people who have read, or are reading the book.

As a way of beginning all of this, here is the beginning part of my introduction which helps put the book into some kind of context. The second part, which I’m not posting here, has been called by my wife, “The most romantic introduction ever,” so feel free to buy the book to read more…

Here’s the first bit:

Every so often someone asks me about the setting and characters of my first book, It’s a Dance: Moving with the Holy Spirit. It’s a fictional setting, but rarely is any work wholly fiction. People want to know if I’m Nate or any of the other characters, or how much my own church experiences went into the details of what happens in the book. My answer is that no, I’m not Nate, or any of the other characters, though there’s a lot of me that is in Nate, and many of my experiences do show up in the questions and issues I discuss. But it’s not really about me. When I write I have in mind real people, real stories, real questions, and I attempt to mix these into a cohesive whole.

The same is true for this present work. The setting is the same, but the experiences of the characters are quite different. In It’s a Dance I created a somewhat idealized community in order to explore the work of the Spirit. How Long? is a little more honest, in a way, pointing out that life lived in community with God and others is not a constant song and dance. Indeed, every life encounters great difficulties, some of which are very hard to understand. And the difficulties are often strongest when we are faced with holding onto our faith when we see there’s nothing to hold onto anymore. This reality is “the wilderness.” My own times of wilderness are not always filled with hope, to be sure, so I am absolutely thankful for those men and women who remind me about the hope that is truly found in God.

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