How Long? Character: Melissa Choi

Another main character from my new book:

Melissa Choi was one of the earliest participants with Nate and the others at the Columba. Indeed, her participation went beyond just the spiritual community when she took over as assistant manager. But before that she was an artist—an artschool graduate. A lot of her work filled the Columba pub. And in the last year her pieces started selling a lot more broadly after she had a particularly nice day at the PasadenART festival. She had quit her manager’s job three months before as she found she didn’t have even nearly enough time to devote to her passion, and finally she had the finances to begin to support her dream.

Then, in the first chapter, we learn she is shot in a robbery. How does faith survive when dreams appear to be lost? Can it survive? Will she survive?

How Long? The Trek Through the Wilderness.

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