Hope for the Oppressor

4 years ago I signed the contract.

The book, Hope for the Oppressor: Discovering Freedom Through Transformative Community is finally coming out on August 15.

I know, the price is high. When I signed the contract, I didn’t expect the selling price to be so high. I don’t think Fortress was pricing books like that then, and they control the price.

I know many can’t afford it or have better uses for their money. Two things: One, contact Fortress and let them know you’d like a paperback version: https://www.fortresspress.com/contact-us

If you’re faculty somewhere, request an exam copy. Let them know interested in the book and let them know the price is a barrier to adopting it.

Second, message me at patrickoden@fuller.edu and I can provide a big discount for those who are interested in reading the book. I want people to get a hold of this because I really do believe this offers a unique and empowering approach for our era.

That’s exactly where the hope I’m talking about comes into my own response to discouragement. When those in charge make decisions that interfere or even undermine our goals, we can get caught in despair. We can see blockages as permanent walls. We can even take it personally.

The way of hope, however, isn’t a trust in things as they currently are or trusting that things are going to continue to be frustrating. We have a resurrection hope. That’s hope that God brings life out of death, hope out of frustrations, peace out of chaos.

Even though I’m disappointed by the price Fortress set, the theologian of hope himself, Jurgen Moltmann, had this to say at the end of his foreword: “I am grateful to Patrick Oden: He picked up an idea of mine and carried it out in his own way splendidly.”

He has more hope for me than even Fortress does, and when it comes down to it, the hope that Moltmann has offered me keeps me excited about the book.

We are called to be people of this hope, who live out this hope in every part of our lives and resonate this hope to others.

We are invited to live in inviting ways, living in real freedom in which peace reaches into the depths of our being and forms communities that empower others to be who they truly are.

I have hope that God is doing a good work even when there’s a lot of frustrations around that seem to suggest all my efforts are bogged down or dismissed. I have hope that God is able to make a way for me, my family, my community, that celebrates open doors and awakened possibilities.

I have hope that God will lead us through this wilderness and bring peace. Even though I’m disappointed by the

That’s the hope which calls me to avoid frenzy, avoid diminishing others, avoid getting caught in jealousies or chaotic ambitions. That’s the hope that calls me to seek the best for others, to use my time to empower others, to seek stillness, peace, joy, patience, the whole fruit of the Spirit. That’s the hope that takes shape in community and calls me to share my gifts with others who are sharing theirs.

That’s the hope for the oppressors. Let freedom ring.

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