Hope for the nations starts in local (online?) communities

One of my projects these days is helping in the development of online training for Bible Translators all over the world. I sent an email to a group of beta testers this morning, and one reply had this tagline: *We believe the Bible is for everyone, so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.”

As I ask in my preaching, how many is everyone? All the people. Sometimes we are slow to take advantage of technology because it is hard or difficult to learn.

But I am amazed how many people can be reached with the Gospel in our day and age.

How many who are stuck at home or feeling outcast or isolated can read a Bible, attend a service, or otherwise find themselves part of a shared community of hope this day.

Many will feel loss at not having a physical community to attend. But the Spirit is not limited to a place or a time. The Spirit invites us to join together, across space and across time, in a community of saints, inviting others into a way of hope.

Today is a day of possibility. Today is a day of exploration. If you are curious about church, or need a word of hope, try one of the many churches that are going online. If the thought of attending church has made you uncomfortable, or if you are simply curious what churches are like and what they talk about, feel free to join one of the many churches that are online this morning.

The media landscape has emphasized megachurches and publicity-frenzied media pastors. Today, the small churches, communities all over the world, are sharing their services.

Take some time. Have a look.

Here’s the service for my church, starting at 10am (pacific time). Amy Oden will be leading in some songs!


Feel free to join us there, or find another church in your community or one that sounds interesting. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Oh, and here’s more on that online training project I’m working with: https://www.digitaltraininglibrary.org/

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