Holy Spirit and Holiness (holiness part 7)

The Holy Spirit
This continued reformation of our inner self “is the work of the Holy Spirit, who is called the Holy Spirit because he is the Spirit of the holy God.” The Spirit brings holiness to us in this present life and leads us into God’s identity, which is his future, our future, and all future.

God’s own Spirit enlightens us to the reality of God, “deep calling to deep”, rebuilding our identity into truly free beings, participants with the source of life. Those who trust God, in Christ, live out this trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. This doesn’t mean we become mindless drones of some impersonal power. Rather, we become whole people, freed to be who we truly can be, who we were truly created to be. We become who we are as individuals only as we find our source of identity in unity with God. We are able to participate as truly unique participants only as we are freed to not define ourselves in unsatisfying ways.

This is what Paul basically wrote in Romans 8. The Law, as noted in Romans 7, was not sufficient for identity formation. It gave some understanding of God’s nature and being, that he was a holy God and this was to be respected by our actions and interactions with him. But, in the face of our own egos we could not live in a way that would allow for real participation with him.

The Law gave to us realization of our incompleteness, and in this provoked our ego even more. Sin increased as people sought more and more ways to find identity, false identity. The Spirit, however, brings real freedom, not freedom to sin or freedom to be isolated individuals dominating and controlling. Rather, this freedom is to truly live as whole people within true reality, becoming free from our egos distortion, and in that becoming free to live for God, with others, in openness to this world. We live free with God and we bring this true freedom to others in our participation with God in this world. To be free, we need to be set free for our true destiny, for the freedom which lives by communion with God. Such freedom lives in expressions of love. Only the person who loves is free. Our living in freedom is our holiness that is then expressed in love.

Psalm 119:45 says, “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.”

The Spirit shows us who God is, helps us to conform to Christ, frees us to finally start becoming who God always wanted us to be—so that we can live in an increasingly intimate relationship with God—and with other people. Just like Jesus.

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