The hierarchy of the church seems to be established on the premise that it is vital in making sure that people affirm the historic beliefs of the Christian church.

I can heartily affirm the creeds and the historic beliefs of the church.
They say I need to participate in the structure of those churches so that I will show that I believe the things I already believe.

At the same time, many within such established churches are allowed to not believe what the historic church believes but as long as they believe in the structure of the hierarchy they’re fine.

So, even though I affirm the historic creeds I’m out.  People can show up only on very occasional Sundays and not live at all like Christ called us to live, may not even believe in the resurrection, but they’re included as being part of the right Church.

So, what matters is not whether you believe in the historic doctrines but what you believe about the structure of human leadership that are supported for the very reasons of making sure people affirm the historic doctrines even though they don’t end up caring too much what people believe and how they live as long as they support the right structure.

This is why I have very pragmatic view of the church. Believe in Christ.  Find salvation in him.  Gather with people who share these.  Deepen the understanding and wade together through the difficulties.  Live it out in the contours of life.

If you don’t believe it. Move on to something else.

That seems a much more direct way to go about things.


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