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Over at Kingdom Grace a challenge was given to present the Gospel in 140 characters, a proper Twitter length. I don’t Twitter. Seems silly to me, and honestly the new form of ‘podcasts’ that everyone is into until they realize no one else really cares. Twitter is too much frenzy for me.

Still it’s a bit of a challenge. I thought I’d have a go at it. But in my post-Pannenberg presentation muddle, I read characters, but thought words, not even thinking of the obviously length of that which totally undermines the whole point of Twitter.

But, 140 words is interesting too. I had a go at both 140 words and a 140 characters, coming up with two for each.

Here’s my attempts at a super succinct Gospel:

In 122 words:

Be whole. Jesus came to show us how. More than that. The frenzy of sin was the reason he died. He absorbed the sin, didn’t let it beat him. Rose again. So can you. There’s a new way now. The way of Christ.

You can see what it means to be whole, truly be yourself in freedom from all that seeks to ruin you.

You can see it, and you can live it, in the power of life itself. The Spirit of God joins with us as we participate with God in the fullness of whole life. Jesus took on the sin that distracts us, destroys us, deadens us. We’re not slaves to fear or faults. We’re free. We’re free. We’re free!

In 138 words:

God made humanity. Humanity thought they could be whole without God. But life, life itself, is only from God. Our attempts to find an identity in what we do, or who we do, or what we have never leads to peace. Because we can’t be our real self without God who empowers us—freeing us to live in fullness with him, with others.

That false pursuit of life is sin. Empties us. Undermines us. God saw. Ran towards us because he loves us. Jesus was born a man. Took on the sin that undermines everyone, took on the death that takes everyone. He rose again. Now is alive, a sign and power that God seeks us all with all he has. The Spirit of God is with us now, seeking our fullness and wholeness. Seeking to free us.

Here’s my evangelistic Gospel in 109 characters:

Be whole. Jesus came to show us how. More than that. His dying, his rising, gives us the ability to be whole, to be who we really can be.

Here’s the theological one in 140 characters:

God made man. Man tried to be God. Didn’t work. Still tries. That’s sin. God loves. Sent Jesus. Jesus died. Jesus lives. Overcame the sin that we might live with God. Yay!

Sorry about the gender non-neutrality. Man is just a shorter word than humanity.

The Yay at the end is my ecclesiology and eschatology.

All the stuff left out of these brief comments? Doesn’t mean I don’t believe it. Just didn’t fit it in the space I had to work with.

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