good words

“Whatever’s wrong with society is wrong with me too.”
~Paula Carrigan

Folks in the church leadership like labels. Makes sense of things. So often too such labels make bogeymen out of people, almost enemies of the People, whose addictions and failures and rampant wrong leanings afflicts the noble hearted pastor.

A big one these days is consumerism. Only the biggest consumers I’ve seen are often pastors. Oh, not always with flat screen televisions or vacations to the Bahamas or two jet skis to use at the river twice a summer.

But it’s there. Just scratch the surface. See what they care about. See what they want to satisfy their souls. They consume, pouring out time and money and resources to get it. Only because it’s not the same as the rest of the slobs they can decorate their consumerism in spiritual words or hide their consumerism beneath distracting good deeds. At the same time they judge they wallow unaware in their own accusations.

Did I say they?

Me. Best not to throw stones. Even the ones with ecclesiastic stamps of approval.

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