Goings on

I’ve a bit on my plate this month.

Major presentation last week on one of the most difficult books I’ve read.

Major paper due this week, twenty five pages, on Moltmann’s theology of beauty. Twenty one pages are now written.

I’m driving to Portland beginning on Tuesday evening (with an overnight in Pasadena, to make for a traffic free real start on Wednesday). Will get there Thursday afternoon.

I haven’t seen Amy, my fiancee, in over 6 weeks now. I get to see her next Thursday night.

I’m not only driving to Portland, when I leave my house, I will effectively also be moving out. So, I probably should pack, at least a little bit before I drive away.

Christmas is coming up in a couple of weeks. My parents are coming up to Portland a few days before Christmas. My parents will meet Amy’s family for the first time. On Christmas day, it will be me and Amy, my mom and dad, and her mom spending the day together. A nice, peaceful day.

The next day the larger family comes to celebrate. Nice, probably not nearly as peaceful.

My brother and sister in law are flying into Portland the weekend after Christmas.

My bachelor party will be immediately followed the next evening with a nice dinner with Amy at a nice restaurant, then all kinds of late night New Years Eve fun in Portland.

No plans on the 1st, so far.

Somewhere in the middle of all this there will be various meetings to finish up our wedding counseling.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on January 2nd.

Bit of a wedding on the 3rd.

Driving back down to Pasadena beginning on the late afternoon of January 4th. Taking the 101, for a bit of scenery.

Maybe at some point during this time I’ll get my manuscript back from the various editors at Barclay Press, for a second major edit. Love to have it published before next summer.

Arrive in Pasadena on the 7th. Go to Fuller Seminary Housing office, pick up the keys to our apartment, effectively move into apartment, even though we will have no bed, no furniture, and pretty much hardly anything else at the time.

My second quarter of PhD studies starts at noon on January 8th. Theological Method.

Get couch, bed, desk, all kinds of stuff, from Lake Arrowhead and Alta Dena that weekend, while having to read a major theology book for class the next week, and hoping (praying!) Amy finds a job before our second month’s rent is due.

Lot going on this month. In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and why blogging hasn’t quite been keeping up. Prayers are welcomed.

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