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I’ve not blogged around here for a very long time. Mostly because I’ve been so caught up in all kinds of other things my good intentions got swept away in the whirl and swirl of school and life.

What has been going on? Since mid-September I’ve had to grade the theology assignments from about 50 distance learning students, which is about 20 assignments each. Did a presentation for my first day of class on the 28th. Took my German exam on September 27th, and found out I passed it on the 29th, right before we left for Oregon. a presentation on “The work of the Spirit in History” at the Conference of Faith and History at George Fox University on October 8th. We got back on the 11th. Had a fun creative writing project based on the raising Lazarus story for use with the Clayfire project. Throw in all kinds of life distractions of various kinds and I’ve been pulled in all kinds of directions since about mid-August.

That changed a little bit as of this past Thursday. There’s certainly a great deal still to do, but it’s all nicely manageable rather than stacked all on top of each other.

Hopefully this will translate into some renewed writing. Because I love writing, and it is good for my soul and my mind and my attempted craft to keep at it in all kinds of different ways.

Speaking of that, I got a proof for my upcoming book that included a small picture of the eventual cover. So lots of stuff afoot, and I’m planning on being a lot more present around here to talk about it all as well as return to my musings on divers topics. It has been a long while since I used this space for sketching my thoughts. I think its about time I get back to that.

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