Funny World

Amy forwarded this to me, and I think it worth posting. From Story People:

He told me about Jesus & Arizona & the best way to make beer & I said you’re a funny kind of preacher & he said it’s a funny kind of world & I still remember his eyes clear as a desert morning.

It sums up for me what emerging/missional folks are trying to get to. Not the ‘make beer’ part, that’s just a random hobby that could be many things–no longer limited to a list of approved hobbies such as golf or fishing or Bible reading. Nor is it he part about Arizona that gets me. That’s an emphasis on knowing a place, being there and able to tell others about it–in contrast to always seeking the elsewhere, and the next ministry model far away from home. Its not even the part about Jesus. Lots of people talk about Jesus. And far too often talking about Jesus isn’t particularly an appealing description. People know about him, but far too many talk without knowing him.

It’s the last part that draws it together. His eyes clear as a desert morning. Suggesting peace and tranquility, being grounded without anxiety or frenzy. He is who he is. And this reflects back into what he knows. He knows himself and what he likes. He has a place, a location whose geography and personality he has mastered. He then talks of Jesus within that calm and clarity, inviting not through words but through aura and presence and calm.

I want to be he.

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