Free to be (Holiness part 8)

Our holiness that is from the Spirit of life is about becoming who we truly are, finding our real identity, identifying with Christ, becoming trustworthy in his work, and so finding our own outward focused identity in fullness with God and with others. Love God. Love neighbor. In the truest sense of the term. Our holiness is our love. Our love is our holiness. Love, after all, covers a multitude of sins. Holiness is not contrasted with love, a severe rule countered by a grace-filled gesture. Holiness is the state which allows us to truly love. It’s not about a moral code or restrictive legalism. There’s certainly an element of ethics involved in holiness, as we are conformed to God we act like it, but to limit holiness to legalism is entirely missing the point.

When a person is freed from the bondage of the ego, no longer seeking after asserting their own identity but instead is free to be who they truly are in their participation with God, they can express their talents, gifts, blessings, and all their being in positive support of all others. Loving your neighbor. Loving God.

We experience his kingdom in the acting out of our holiness, which is our fellowship with God and our identity that is not dependent on ego, but on God’s identity. This holiness does not, then push away from the world, but transforms us and transforms the world as we act in holy, whole love. We are free, but this living in freedom is always about our participating with God.

1 Peter 2:16

Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God.

We do not understand what it means to live with God, in Christ. We don’t trust God and so continue to soil ourselves with attempts at self-definition. But in his holiness, God so loves the world he sent his son and his Spirit. Jesus—God and Man—is the very image of God’s love and his holiness. In his life, in his teaching, in his sacrifice, in his resurrection we see the wholeness of true identity. We see what is meant to be holy and loving and whole. In the Spirit what we see becomes possible for us.

In this coming to us, God makes possible a holistic restoration for our own identities. We are not left to our egos, but can find freedom with God in his eternal being—becoming truly who we are in the power and life of the Spirit. We can be holy, as God is holy.
Life with Jesus is not about a constricting morality or a burdened religious isolation. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

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