It’s 8:30 local time now, here’s a bit of an update:

There’s a huge fire in Arrowhead right now. 200 homes have burned. Our power is out. (borrowing a power cord from a neighbors generator right now). That neighbor is a 30 year fireman veteran, and has been at the fire all day. This morning there was an evacuation for our area. But we stayed for a variety of reasons. The fireman neighbor just came back and said he was pretty sure our house was safe now, unless there’s a major change in the wind or something. He’s keeping in contact with us so we’ll know.

Needless to say, prayers are most appreciated.

Likely this means the power will be out for a week or so, just to let you know if I’m not around.

All is well. Danger is near. But it didn’t touch us.

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