Eschatology with Integrity

Human life only has integrity in the context of communion with the eternal God, and to discover this integrity in our own particular contexts one must be attuned to the fullness of God that is the identity of God. Eschatology is ultimately concerned with the community that is in God, rather than what has been asserted in far too many historical theologies, especially those that have arisen in much of American theologies over the last couple of centuries. These theologies have, rightly in part, understood the historical reality of God’s future activities, and have understood the hope such activities give to those who lack present hope. However, by approaching eschatology from the perspective of the oppressed—including themselves within the category of persecuted and victimized— those with wealth, opportunity and power have misappropriated the holistic eschatological re-creation to solidify destructive power structures even further.

A new life lived with integrity is one of communion with God, and with others. And just as God is given substantive meaning only in light of his eternal nature, so too is a holistic identity for each person given integrity in light of communion with God’s eternal nature. It is with this in mind, this broader eschatological reality, that the oppressors are awakened to the limitations of their egocentric priorities and shown a new way.

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