Emerging/missional and the OS

In an earlier post I asked if I could still be allowed in emerging circles even though I’m not voting for Obama (and didn’t) and I use Microsoft Windows. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while can understand why I’m not voting for Obama (can agree on goals while disagreeing with methods). The choice of operating system is a little more rigid. Emerging people use Apple. They have Apple parties, are caught up in Mac momentum, and otherwise live the Apple OS lifestyle.

This raises a curious question. Given the emphasis on poverty and justice issues, as well as a dissatisfaction with so much typical Evangelical Christian Right politicking I get why there’s a trend towards Obama. Even if I disagree on core issues, I look at the foundational traits of the emerging church and can see why the balance of issues might swing someone that way (even as I get very strong admonitions on other issues that say someone should never consider a Democrat at this point in their platform).

I don’t, honestly, understand the Apple enthusiasm. Or change that. I understand the Apple enthusiasm entirely. Only it’s the same kind of enthusiasm that helps me understand why someone would choose a mega-Church. Apple is proprietary, elitist, expensive, judgmental, and almost entirely run by a single man who founded, then saved, the company. Yes, there are less errors, often run faster, have better multimedia support, much better included software, and are more stylish.

How is that reflective of emerging principles in any way, that seem to be so important in other categories of life? Indeed, I might be willing to say that Apple is a betrayal of everything the emerging/missional church stands for and those that use such computers are technological hypocrites.

Now, of course, that would be a fair bit of hyperbole to say that. I don’t really care what computer anyone uses, and probably if part of my work didn’t involve working with education and their funded windows computers, then I might consider a Mac myself. But, I’m not sure that’s because of my principles, or because I’m already feeling a fair bit of an outsider in emerging circles for various reasons and wouldn’t mind at least a little conforming.

But if I was really emerging/missional in a way that influenced all my decisions I’d have to go with Linux. Not least because I could save money, use the same hardware I have, and not pour more money into the technological envy-trap.

I’m curious now. Because, even though I’m being a fair bit silly in my forceful opinions here I’m wondering how owning a Mac computer could be justified using solely emerging/missional principles. I’d love to hear serious or funny responses. Make me think. Make me laugh. Maybe you’ll even make me change my mind.

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