Emerging Holy Spirit

Over at Jason Clark’s Deep Church blog, there’s a very interesting discussion brewing about the topic of the Holy Spirit in the emerging/missional movements.

As the upper right corner of this blog page suggests, that’s a topic very close to my own interests, so I’m excited to see this continued to be discussed. When I wrote It’s a Dance there was not too much interest in discussing the Holy Spirit in emerging circles, and honestly I don’t see very much interest even still. For instance, at the recent Moltmann conversation that Emergent Village hosted I don’t believe there was a single question about the work of the Holy Spirit, despite the fact that Moltmann is one of the most important theologians on the topic of the Holy Spirit in our era.

These conversations erupt in various spots and I think are important for all kinds of reasons, so maybe this present murmur going on over at the Deep Church blog will help ignite a more consistent conversation.

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