emerging church and moltmann

I’ve decided, for a couple days at least, to post the revised article I finished a couple of weeks ago. I’m curious to hear some responses, especially from the emerging church side of things. Because there isn’t a settled emerging/missional theology I’m picking and choosing as I go from a selection of writers who I see best getting to the heart of what’s going on in a positive, rather than deconstructive, way.

It’s also the case that as I turn more academic in my writing I don’t want to be an academic writer… ever. I want to develop a style that can be dynamic, adjusting one way or another depending on the particular audience, but never leaving one side out altogether. So I’m curious about a broad reading.

I’m going to leave the link up only for a week or so mostly because I don’t want the link I’m posting to be broadly accessible for very long.

Please let me know your thoughts, if you get download it, either as a comment here or an email to dualravens at yahoo dot com.

I’m writing a new paper that bounces off some of the ideas in this one so I’m curious to see how those idea work.

Have a merry Christmas week!

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