Well, that’s probably three exclamation points too many.


I was at the dog groomers, located in the charming Willow Woods, reading a book on the history of English spelling. Sitting in the sun, near the fountain.

A big truck went by. Everything began to shake a bit, like when a big truck goes by and you’re sitting on a shaky porch. So, I didn’t notice it at first. Then I got to thinking I wasn’t sitting on a shaky porch. I was sitting on a concrete patio, on top of heavy earth. A truck shouldn’t shake that. Even a big truck.

Got to thinking maybe it was an earthquake. All while the shaking was still going on.

A few minutes later I heard the person who just walked into the dog groomer ask, “Did you feel the earthquake?”

Yep. I did. The news they turned on said it was a 5.8.

That’s respectable.

And a lot more interesting than just a truck going by.

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