Dear Lord of Truth

Read: Psalm 25

Dear Lord of Truth, you have called us into fullness of life and shown us the way of wisdom.  This is the way of your kingdom, one that enters into this world, into every system and every community.

Your Spirit awakens us and enlightens us to be people of truth, not giving into the temptation to hide behind dishonesty or depend on deception.

May we have courage today and this week to be such people of truth in every part of our lives, to be willing to call out sins in our selves and in our communities as well as be willing to speak the truth of your love and hope to those who are bombarded by the lies of the chaotic world.

This isn’t our truth, this is the truth your Spirit speaks. So, may we discern not only what is true but also how to speak and show truth so that your presence is magnified in each of our settings.

Give us the humility to be open to hearing truth and give us patience when truth seems discarded. In you we put our trust.


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