Dear Lord of Peace

Read: Psalm 104

Dear Lord of Peace, you have made a place for us.

This can be hard to remember when instead of feeling peace, we feel the chaos all around. Everything seems unsettled, our jobs, our health. We wonder when we can again do any of the things we used to take for granted.

You have not forgotten us and you are not aloof.  Rather than be caught up in the frenzy, may we sit at the table you have prepared and sit a spell in your presence, listening and laughing and relaxing.

Ease our tension, calm our hearts, direct our wayward thoughts that want to always hurry here and there.

May we be in the moment, present with you and present with those in our lives, whether we are with them physically or whether we are gathering together through technology.

However we gather, may your Spirit ever remind us that you are gathering with us, and that you truly love us.


This year, Fuller employees have been invited to write prayers to share with the community, each taking a week or two. This is my week, and I’ll be posting the prayers I wrote for each day.  The pictures are from my morning walk each day.  

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