Dear Lord of Light

Read: Psalm 97

Dear Lord of Light, when the shadows surround me, and all becomes dark I begin to wonder where to go, who to be. I lose a sense of direction.

The old lights have gone dim, and don’t offer me a way.

They have gone out, and in my impatience, I am rustled by despair. You have not grown dim, and in this new day, this new month, may we see your fire burn brightly anew.

May you lead us and may we be faithful.

May your fire burn away our sins and wastes, so that we may press forward to new pastures, to feasting and celebrating your ever-renewing goodness, dancing with hope around your promise, with you now and into eternity.


This year, Fuller employees have been invited to write prayers to share with the community, each taking a week or two. This is my week, and I’ll be posting the prayers I wrote for each day.  The pictures are from my morning walk each day.  This post was also inspired in theme by the ancient Irish festival of Beltane.  

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