Dear Lord of Hope

Read: Psalm 107

Dear Lord of Hope, thank you. From the depths of my being, thank you.  For the people in my life, thank you. For the opportunities you have given me, thank you.

For rescuing me from problems in the past, thank you. For being present in the challenges of the present, thank you.

Santa Rosa Island rocky shore

Hope in you isn’t naïve. It’s not a sad yearning for some dream world.

Hope in you is powerful because of the works you have done, the invitation you give to press on even when our faith stumbles and our courage falters.

We press on not in our strength, but because you have shown how faithful you are.

We cling to you now in this season where we don’t know how to plan and are caught in struggles that seem too deep to bear.

May we remember your ways, and may we press on to take hold of that for which you have taken hold of us.


This year, Fuller employees have been invited to write prayers to share with the community, each taking a week or two. This is my week, and I’ll be posting the prayers I wrote for each day. 

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