Dear Lord of Creation

Read: Psalm 33

Goose by the duck pond in Natomas

Dear Lord of Creation, you who made all and rule over all, you gather together the whole universe in infinite complexity, a wondrous dance that invites both our deeper study and continued delight.

In a world that often dulls our sense of wonder and stirs our anxieties, you offer something more to us, stirring our being and forming us into becoming all you have made us to be.

Help us to see your beauty today and this week. Guide us in helping others to see what you are doing. Help us to hear the songs you are singing and the poetry you are writing today and this week.

Guide us in helping others to hear your voice.  You have made all things. And you are with us. Amazing!  Amen.

This year, Fuller employees have been invited to write prayers to share with the community, each taking a week or two. This is my week, and I’ll be posting the prayers I wrote for each day. 

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