Days with Moltmann

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. The conference was pretty active, with the short breaks filled with assorted conversations. The sessions with Moltmann were really full as well. They were almost entirely questions and answers with Moltmann, getting his insights on theology, the church, and assorted issues. Not only was this good for the emerging church people, pointing towards a deeper exploration of theology that can, at the same time, be quite practical, it was also an extremely good contribution to broader studies of Moltmann, as he gave answers that, no doubt, others beyond the emerging church want to hear.

The whirlwind continued outside of the conference for me, as Amy came along to visit her sister, and so I was picked up each day and set off for more activities. Today, we’re making a Chicago day of it.

So, haven’t had any time to write. Will get back with more soon.

The rumor is they will podcast the whole event. I also recorded it and hope to post links to that soon.

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