curious moments

Just sitting here with my laptop in the living room. A bit of movement on the ground catches my eye. It’s a California chipmunk. About four feet from me. He had wandered in through the open sliding glass door. I watch as he comes a little closer, has a look at me, then looks around under a table for a moment, pauses for a scratch, then wanders past the kitchen out the front door.

He probably got a drink of water from the bird bath outside and decided to take the scenic route back to his usual haunts. Scenic for me means being outside. Scenic for him means poking about the living room furniture. It’s a curious little colliding of worlds.

Oh! And here is is, back inside again! And then out. To the birdbath.

There might be cuter animals than a chipmunk, but I can’t think of any of them right now. Definitely cuter than the bat who was in the living room the other night.

I should have asked if he had something to say to me while he was here. Maybe he would have sung a song.

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