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It’s my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday Mom!!

marie oden

A person couldn’t ask for a more wise, more caring, more loving mom.

I got a wee little blurb in the Wheaton Alumni magazine about publishing my book! I’m doing my part to keep the Wheaton tradition alive!

I officially applied for a PhD in theology at Fuller Seminary, to study the Moltmann and the Emerging church. The paper I posted below might very well be the outline of my dissertation. Assuming I can pay for this education, of course. Right now I have utterly no idea how I’m going to pay for it. But I am pretty sure I’m going to get accepted at least. So that’s a start.

Why such confidence about that? Well, God has been good. All this time away from the normal path got me to reading and thinking and progressing in a creative way. Early in 2007 I took a class on Moltmann taught by Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen. After the quarter he invited me to apply, saying I needed to do so. So I have, and he’s written a recommendation. Dr. Eddie Gibbs, one of my favorite and most valuable professors at Fuller, an expert in emerging church and church growth, has graciously writing the second recommendation.

And I got this in the mail today:

Dear Patrick Oden,
Thank you for your letter and your papers. I have already sent a recommendation to Fuller Seminary in your favor. What you have written on my method is good: I don’t have much of a prefixed method that I would have to follow every time. Your paper on “the emerging church” raised my interest. I have heard about this new phenomenon but have no experience. I am looking forward to your study, and shall learn from you.

If I am free I shall listen to your presentation at Duke on “an emerging pneumatology”.

Enjoy the blessings of Christmas and go with the Spirit of Hope into the new year.

Yours in Christ, Jürgen Moltmann

So, three pretty good recommendations. That’ll do.

A nice Christmas eve. Still a lot of work and a lot of money are necessary. But it’s a nice day to be sure.

Merry Christmas to all! May God’s blessings shower upon you in manifold ways!

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