The October issue of the Porpoise-Diving life is out, and it’s on a topic exactly matching the goals of It’s a Dance. The concept of the Holy Spirit in missional activities. The articles are well worth reading. Two of the participants, Brother Maynard and Emerging Grace, have become some of my favorite bloggers of late.


(Charis)-Missional Evangelism by Brother Maynard

Why Charismissional? by Emerging Grace

Chrysalis: From Post-Charismatic to Charis-Missional by Robby McAlpine

Prophetic Ministry: Re-Imagined Missionally by Brother Maynard and Emerging Grace

Pentecostals, Emergent, Anabaptists and Icons by Phil Wyman.

A Missional View of Healing and Deliverance by Emerging Grace

We Are ALL Daniels by Phil Wyman

Book Review of Derek Morphew’s Breakthrough: Discovering The Kingdom.

CD Review of Norm Strauss’ newest release, True To Life

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