“can I read?”

I don’t mention other parts of my life so much here. Maybe I have a public side and a private side. Maybe my distaste for salesmanship is sometimes overcome by a responsibility that that’s sometimes a needed trait and I should do my part. So I push past my desire to hide among the trees and make note of my book or whatever else. I make note of churchy things because I test out thoughts and am curious to hear response. My blog is, really, a sketch book of sorts. I try things out, explore things, and push myself to write at times.

After mentioned the blurbs and book site in the last post I thought about other good words I’ve heard lately. Words I keep private most of the time.

Part of my other activities the past few years has been doing an educational website. My dad teaches literature at a juvenile hall. Well, it’s a mix of things. He teaches literature and literacy, as juvenile criminals are often the ones who have been left behind in school. He teaches special ed and regular ed. A few years back we somehow got the idea to do a website to be a help with his work. Over the last year this has become his primary teaching tool. He has a huge screen, a powerful projector, and leads the kids through the stories we’ve put online answering written out questions that might stretch a college class.

I’ve pushed aside web design for the most part, except for that education work and the book site. The book site is sort of my own promotion. The education site is my way of participating with those in prison. That’s a measure of our faith after all.

Yesterday I got the news that Moltmann has endorsed my book. Wow. I spent most of the year reading his works and might pursue a PhD with his theology as a key focus. Beyond words.

Yesterday I was also told by my dad about a kid named Jose who hated school, despised school work, and has felt alienated from learning. He’s part of a group of my dads students who stay silent and uninvolved when asked to read something on paper or do regular classwork. But when my dad turns on the website, Jose asks to get involved. He wants to participate. Is eager to learn. Multimedia makes a difference. And while I’m not focusing on that I realize how God has used me and trained me to participate in lives far different from my own.

Yesterday I was told Moltmann appreciated my book. Yesterday I was also told that a kid named Jose wants to read partly because of the work I’ve done on a website.

Those are the same to me. They both bring tears to my eyes. Unexpected works of God using me in ways I wouldn’t have expected five years ago.

And I am very thankful for both those people and both those comments and both those worlds.

Anyhoo, here’s an example of something I’ve done recently for that educational website (which is mostly hidden these days for a variety of reasons):

If it’s not playing or playing right for you, wander over and get the Flash update.

Just feel like it’s occasionally right to mention more of my life’s activities. Maybe there will be more of that over the next year. I realize I say a good bit about my inner life and very little about my lived life — except for the trees and bird watching parts.

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