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I spent a good bit of time last week working on my book site. Wander on over if you haven’t in a while. Let me know what you think. I’ve had to clean up some stuff that looked fine on my computer but not so good elsewhere, so if you see anything like that let me know.

I realized, again, that while there’s a creative burst to web design, I find myself at the end of the effort feeling like I’ve done no work. It’s weird. Like I’ve wasted time even as I’ve spent hours and hours working. I feel drained and empty.

Which is why I stepped back from that and threw myself back into writing. It’s not an intellectual choice. It was my intuition getting feisty.

But, I still have a few web projects and I think those will keep going a bit. The book site and the school site. Just enough creativity and change of pace to keep me interested, not too much to drain the life out of me.

Oh, and I posted over there some of the blurbs that are coming in for the book. I’m happy and honored really. Sometimes stepping back can be a real step forward.

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