Bird. Watching.

I was sitting near the window typing, writing a bit on the Israelites in front of the Red Sea. A large form moving fast right outside caught my eye. I immediately thought raven. Quickly became clear it wasn’t a raven sitting on the nearest branch of the cedar tree. No frivolity in its eyes or mischievousness in its demeanor. It was a dead serious bird, with piercing eyes–and a piercing beak. It flew in and landed right above the bird feeder. Watching for a tasty morsel. I watched it for a moment, got up and walked upstairs to get my camera. The hawk turned and stared at me the whole way, watching me. I sat back down near the window. It looked at me with eyes of a predator–a look that is quite apparent even even if one is not the prey. It scanned the whole area with eyes much sharper than my own for a bird or a rodent. All the wee beasties had found cracks and crevices, hiding amidst the forest clutter. It flew off down the hill, due west.

A red-tailed hawk.

Red Tailed Hawk


Red Tailed Hawk
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