Billy the Early Years

I have a fair bit of issues with the church and the form of Christianity that seems to have driven a lot of people away from Christ even as there is a lot of Jesus language flying about. It’s not entirely cynicism anymore, as I’ve tried to understand it historically and so realize what has been often earnest reasoning behind long standing approaches.

There are some exceptions. Billy Graham is one of them. I have nothing but respect for the man and for his work. He was a man of his generation and so I don’t feel it helpful to mimic him. But I do honor him for listening to the Spirit in his age.

So, I’m thinking this might be an interesting movie, not least because it appears they are willing to deal with his frustrations and fears as much as the joy and successes.

Should be an interesting look at a very, very influential man.

Of course, he did go to a good school…

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