Becoming human

“The real issue in our becoming fully human is not about us thinking big enough but rather it is an issue of us not being willing to think small enough. We fear insignificance by limiting our attention to those immediately around us, to take inclusive steps within the reach of our honest possibilities. It is easier to campaign for our favored national candidate than to reach out to our immediate neighbor. We want the grand transformation and lapse into an enervating despair when we fall short. We want to control others and fold them within our vision of life. We need freedom from this if we are to find our true self, if we are to be truly open to others, if we are to journey toward thorough liberation and come alongside others in this journey.”

Hope for the Oppressor, p242

(note that while the book is expensive, you can encourage your library to get a copy and also contact Fortress Press to encourage them to release a cheaper paperback version)

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