beautiful things

Some days I might write more, some days I might write less. But I hope to do this every day, mostly.

Three beautiful things for today:

1. Getting a paper already written cut up, sliced apart, and made less than half the original length, putting my name at the top, who I am, and a wee abstract. So that I could send it off to be judged as worthwhile or not by folks I’ve never met. All because my professor, a woman who knows what she is talking about, said I should send that particular section off as an article.

People encouraging me to step out and encourage me that what I say means something to the wider world. People who hear what others say and say that’s something.

That’s recognition. Not public. Not riches. Just someone recognizing a talent. That’s encouragement. That’s beautiful to me.

2. Helping some old friends who have walked down windy paths move to a new apartment. They’ve been out of the area, and I was out of the area, for quite a while. All kinds of life happened in between our living near each other. Helped move some boxes and some furniture today, as they take up a temporary spot so as to move back to the area permanently.

Helping friends carry boxes and sharing In-N-Out afterwards. That’s beautiful.

3. Sitting on couches that are way out of my financial reach, but given when new couches arrived for others. Sitting on them with Amy, watching an Ed Harris Western, co-starring Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), slowly drinking a small glass of Jamison’s all the while.

That’s pleasant. A change of pace. A bit of beauty really.

I’m thankful for these things.

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