Back at it

I’ve taken what turned out to be a long break from regular blogging. It wasn’t just the busyness of wedding and travel, but that was a lot of it.

Even more was the seemingly regular disruption of blogging access. I loaned my laptop away just after Christmas on into earlier this month, and was away from home anyhow. Then I returned from Portland to a brand new place to live here in Pasadena. Got my laptop back, but didn’t have internet until a week ago. But by that time I really did finally need to get to school focus, and had some catch up reading to do.

Excuses… they do abound, and I’ve had a lot of them not only this last month, but for quite awhile. Wedding planning. Long commuting. Book reading. Finishing up book writing. New studies starting. Good excuses that became persistent distractions.

I’m hoping to change that. My PhD studies are now fully engaged, and my engagement has now fully blossomed into wedding bliss. Which means for the first time in a very long while I can begin to settle into a regular rhythm of pondering.

More than a rhythm, though, I need to make it a discipline. I’ve lost the blogging habit, you see, as have many of the people I know, and so I gotta push myself a bit to get back into it. There’s been a lot going on and there’s a lot going on, and there seems to be a lot going on up ahead. Meaning the topics do also abound, and just need translating into actual thoughts.

I’m feeling a little writing rusty, and since writing is good for my soul, I’m going to try to get back into the rhythm of it, looking all kinds of directions once more.

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