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So, Patrick, anything happening?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There are two fires, one on my east, one on my west. Now the one on the west was the bad one yesterday. Burned a lot of homes, some as close as 2 miles. Saw some of those flames last night in fact. Well the wind has blown that fire away, southwest. So it’s not a big danger anymore.

Unless of course the wind changes direction and blows the fire back at us.

The fire on the east is a little bit more sketchy right now. It’s actually starting to approach the town (I’m on the opposite side of the lake of the town). Now that’s pretty bad, and the sky was filled with smoke for a good part of the day. Only between us and it there’s vast swaths of fire damage from the fire in 2003. Nice fire break. So, I’m watching. But it seems like we’ll get through this one.

Kudos to the fire crews (California firefighters are likely the best in the world)who do a wonderful job in absolutely mind-boggling circumstances. They were able to make strong lines and even though a lot of homes were lost, so many were saved purely because of their work. They don’t hardly sleep during these days.

They got in a couple of chinook helicopters and a DC-10 on the fire last afternoon and today. The DC-10 is a converted American Airlines jet. Saw it fly by this evening. Very big. Drops a whole lot of fire retardant (12,000 gallons) in a very exact way.

So they are doing an amazing job. All is well for now. Thanks for your prayers. Continue to pray for a lessening of the wind.

Thanks all!

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