An Identity

You deserve the best!

Go out and get it, because you deserve it! Indeed, you deserve it so much that you don’t really need to worry about any one else. Because if they’re not helping you get the best that you so obviously deserve, then they’re keeping you down. They’re holding you back. Now that’s not going to be handed to you. And there are people who are going to try to get in your way. They’re going to try to convince you to lower your standards. Don’t let them. They don’t get how much you deserve, and they’re not up to getting as much as you deserve. In fact, they don’t want you to get that. But you deserve better than them. You deserve everything you can get, and you can get everything you want if you just put your mind to it. Be the best! Act like the best! Because you deserve the best and are the best and so have to overcome those nagging doubts that tell you to settle for anything less than what you see as the best, in friends, in entertainment, in all around lifestyle. Be around people who remind you that you are the best so that you can keep pursuing the best they see you deserve and you see they deserve. You’re sharper than others. You’re better looking than others. You’re more successful. You work hard, you play hard, you give the best and you have a right to the best.

Take it, because you deserve it.

You deserve a nice car. You deserve authority over people. You deserve a better television. You deserve great vacations. You deserve someone who not only boosts your ego but also deserves a lot too! You deserve that raise. You deserve that bigger church. You deserve that higher grade. You deserve that better job. You deserve a better bottle of wine and a better class of people to work with. You deserve your book to be published, and you certainly deserve it to sell much more than that other person. You deserve to eat as much as you want and you deserve to look healthy and fit. It’s not easy. But you’re worth it. You deserve to be listened to and deserve other people to pay attention to your needs.

You deserve good food. You totally deserve (don’t let you tell anyone different!) what’s pleasing to the eye. You deserve wisdom about this world.

So, take and eat. Because you deserve it.

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