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I don’t just get the chance to review books in Amazon Vine. Occasionally I get another kind of product. A sports snack bar, or deodorant. Sometimes even a more expensive product. Like the Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse. Here’s my Amazon Vine review:

I’ve been using this for a couple of days now and I love it. Part of my responsibilities is designing web and multimedia material for use in a classroom setting. In the last decade the use of multimedia has gone way beyond popping a video into a VCR or using a stack of transparencies. With the tools available there can be an amazing array of interactive material that a teacher or presenter can use to augment their efforts. The best I’ve seen this work is not with each student hunched over their separate computers but with effective use of a projector that allows the teacher to involve the whole class in a multimedia exploration of the topic.

The only problem is that the teacher is tied to their computer. They can step away but always have to keep returning in order to interact with the material.

Logitech MX Air MouseThis mouse solves that problem, letting a teacher or presenter of any kind free to move around, interact with students, completely untethered. With very simple movements of the wrist the cursor moves just as with an earth bound mouse. With essential buttons that control volume, play/pause, scroll up/down, along with the standard mouse buttons this mouse is absolutely perfect for use in a dynamic classroom setting.

I found the mouse is most effective with some distance from the computer. It works fine at the desk, and close up, but there are more difficulties keeping it aligned. Step away from your desk and this mouse is amazing. Very exact in movements. Almost magical in its spatial recognition.

If you work at a desk, this just isn’t worth the money. If your work or play would be enhanced by having freedom to step away from a fixed point you can’t find anything better. It does take a little while to get comfortable with the movements and the buttons. You can’t hold it the same way as a regular mouse and everyone likely has a more steady way of using it. But once I got a feel for it I moved around the web, enjoyed a movie, and practiced a presentation without hardly even thinking about the mouse. It becomes like an extension of the hand.

While it seems to be marketed as more of a remote control for computer media such as music or movies, I see this much more as a tool that could help interactive teaching go to the next level.

I’m going to be highly recommending this mouse to the teachers I know and everyone who uses a computer as a presentation tool.

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