Abuse stories during Holy Week

Not surprisingly, a lot of the popular media has been revved up this week in its coverage of the abuse scandals of the Catholic Church. There’s a bit of backlash against this, as it some think it’s inappropriate to emphasize this during this Easter season.

I disagree about this not being fitting for Holy Week.

Judas was a very big part of the story. And there still are Judas’ out there, betraying their Lord for a bit of silver or… whatever.

The stories about the corruption are not the end of the story. Because we say that while the church ignored the crimes, they are evils, and that the victims of these crimes are not left to suffer on their own. Jesus died from the same sorts of evil men, and he suffers with those who are suffering, suffers for those who are suffering. And gives the hope there is more than suffering. There is resurrection and new life, even after abuse and crimes.

We have hope. No matter what Judas did and what Judas does, there’s still hope in God.

The cross was not an isolated, random event meant for our private liturgical ponderings of our own existential guilt. The cross is a story of betrayal, injustice, abuse, and death. We are reminded that it was the religious leaders who pushed for the crucifixion, who sated their thirst for control with flesh and blood of an innocent.

We see the shame of sexual abuse and see the people who do that as being Judas, crucifiers of Christ, evil and wicked, sitting in the lowest levels of hell for betraying those children and their vows to serve God.

The cross is not pretty. It is not even religious. It’s a brutal testimony to human corruption.

Fortunately, we are not left on Friday. Sunday awaits. And there is still hope. But, now, on Saturday, we can and should mourn, for the death and sadness such abuse causes.

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