a new toy

I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas. I’m very much pressed for money these days and have expenses and opportunities and possibilities that seem to be asking me for more money. Somehow I’ve not yet worked out how to get paid, rather than pay, for doing a lot of work.

Anyhow, those concerns tapped a lot of my materialistic interest. I didn’t really want anything, and couldn’t come up with any ideas. So I got a gift card. For whenever I had an idea.

This past week I guess I got bit by something. And I used my gift card.

I got a webcam (and I’m noticing that it’s gone up in price since I bought it). I don’t know what it is, maybe part of my slow exit from my extended retreat, but I just thought it would be fun to have.

So, now as I wonder what it was specifically that bit me I’m trying to come up with things to do with this webcam. One of the ideas I have was to do some readings. I’m trying to see how it might work as the occasional live cam posted on my website on another page. I had it going a bit yesterday near my bird feeders, and had quite a nice closeup view of the juncos and the chickadees and such.

There was a merlin too out back, the second time she’s been around in as many days, but I don’t think she got close enough to see well.

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