A missional question

As I’m engaging this question of “Am I missional?” I got to thinking, and another question popped into my head that probably affects how we view this first question.

At what age would we say Jesus became missional?

How does that apply to how I apply this to myself? I don’t know.

If we say, “30 or so” when he was baptized then missional would be about active ministry out and among.

If we say anytime earlier, even in the womb, we would be saying missional is something broader, maybe too broad for the present usefulness of the word to describe a specific kind of context.

I know that the new movement with emerging/missional thought has emphasize evangelism along with other aspects, such as the importance of Scripture. So, that leaves me thinking the essential answer, rather than the rhetorical answer, would be that Jesus became missional when his mission was particularly activated in going out. So, what did he mean when he said to Mary, “My time has not come”? Is that a pre-mission statement, or a statement about the present state of his mission?

I am wrestling with this because on this depends what kind of missional emphases and stories are relevant for our community development.

I’ve had times of active ministry and times of “my time has not yet come”, and I see God’s mission in both, the first to establish experiences and the second to both prepare and reflect so as to hone.

Can I be missional if I haven’t been in active evangelism, even if my inactivity sets me up later for more effective, efficient and potent evangelism than I could have offered before?

Can I be missional if I am helping other be more missional by teaching, inspiring, directing, honing?

What does the role of a “prophet” (to use Alan Hirsch’s APEST look like in a missional movement.

This is, in fact, leading towards story, but I’m still musing a bit as I continue to wonder where I wander and if I’m wandering still onwards in missional.

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