A great idea: 3 Beautiful Things

Heard about this wee trend, and thought it a great idea. Here’s Richard Lawrence Cohen talking about it on his blog:

Do you know the blog Three Beautiful Things? It’s run by an Englishwoman named Clare Grant, and the idea is simple: every day, she describes three beautiful things she experiences. The idea itself is a beautiful thing, and, inspired by the original, a whole community of three-beautiful-things sites has arisen, people from dozens of nations visiting each other to swap beauty, preserving tiny moments that wouldn’t otherwise have been recorded.

I wish I’d thought of it first. Then I’d never lack for something to blog about. Hey, wait! Do I have to be the first one to have thought of something before I can try it? It would be beautiful if I learned that that isn’t true.

In theological/religious terms this is the ideal of thanksgiving, which is more than seeing the happy bits of life. It’s a spiritual discipline that as we engage in it, looking for the good and acknowledging it as good for us, opens us up to the world.

This openness to the world, a reformation of our world-isolating ego, transforms our attitude to all of life, people, places, events. The negatives of life don’t burden us, the weight of our issues don’t plague us, because we become trained to see the good that is really good. The reality of the world as it is.

Thanksgiving is a way to overcome the darkness of acedia and, indeed, all kinds of other sins. Because as we become open to the world, seeing the beautiful, we are significantly less likely to drown or distract ourselves in whatever distorts or alienates us from others.

Beauty is a bond, a bond with others in openness and joy. Indeed, embracing the beauty, sharing with others, is itself missional. Setting the mood for us, for others, inviting, and enlightening. It’s not trying to convince, or dominate. A moment of life embraced.

The 3 choices that Richard Lawrence Cohen makes for his initial posts are examples of the range of the beautiful, and a keen ability to spot it within a particular day.

I’m not going to post mine now, but think I might try to do this in the evenings.

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