A beginning

The Transformative Church is out today on Amazon. From the conclusion:

This present work provides a programmatic structure for the development of transformative ecclesiology as it takes shape in the industrialized West, understanding the project in terms of a comprehensive liberation theology, one that would emphasize
transformation in the lives of those who may be oppressors.

It is not itself comprehensive but rather points to ways in which a comprehensive study could take shape. Each section in this present work could be its own substantive monograph, with each separate study providing better theological breadth, historical assessment, and practical examples, going well beyond the perspectives of our present interlocutors.

Thus, the present work serves as a proposal of sorts, a way of first bringing together conversation partners that are not only separated by geography and occupation but by divisions in theological studies itself.

These conversation partners serve as animportant example to what a broader project could entail. Indeed, these present conversation partners go well beyond simply offering an example of contributors from the separated realms of systematic and practical theology.

They also share an important holistic methodology that, I argue, provides a substantive orientation for the development of the proposed future project. More specifically, they offer an implicit framework that could provide a substantively different approach to theology in general.

Moltmann himself provided the substantive call for such a pursuit when he suggested that in addition to right beliefs, theology and the church must also pay attention to the standards of right feelings and right actions.

Orthodoxy must be joined by orthopathy and orthopraxy, with these latter two elements insisting on a fully trinitarian theology that is informed by the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.

So, by writing this book, I’ve introduced a career of writing ahead of me.  A daunting task indeed, especially in light of so many present uncertainties.  But I’m not transformative, I participate with the one who is.  That is my hope, my living, sustaining, transforming hope.

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