Walk into the main session room. The bass is felt in the feet, a DJ is at work on the stage. The room is dark, edgy, the music setting the stage, the mood. We’re in the club.

Round tables are set up in the front, rows of chairs behind these.

In essence, this is the image of the emerging church that gets the attention. The mood, the movement, the aura of cultural competency. The stage is decorated in what I guess can be called ‘theater urban”, chanin link fencing, various metal and brick looking structures. It’s dark. Red and blue mood lighting. Very put together.

We’re not ministers meeting together at a local modern mega-church, learning how to be up to date in ministry.

We’re hanging out in the alley, listening to some chill DJ (I know he’s chill because that’s what the glossy flyer told me he is).

I feel more in tune with the world just sitting here.

Where is God? That’s not a cynical question, as I’m emerging enough to see God in all contexts. Where is God here? It’s artificial and contrived.

Though, the DJ is chill.

And I’m entertaining myself in absence of conversation. I’m so not emerging.

For goodness sakes, I was listening to Classical KUSC on the way in and I’m typing on a Dell laptop running Windows XP. Fortunately I left my “I voted for McCain” hat at home, otherwise they might not even let me in.

But, even as I sit here self-amused and amusing, I’m enjoying it. Getting a feel for the crowd, the DJ In front, the guy on his blackberry in his suit on my right. Most interesting, though is the older guy, balding, looking at pictures on his computer. Pictures of birds—seagulls, pigeons, pelicans–, beach scenes, and sailboats in harbor. I like that guy. Wonder if he’ll be my friend.

“I like birds!” I can say. “And sailboats.”

I see faces peeking out from behind the scenery on stage. Shadowy still, but after sighting that type many times before I know worship musicians when I see them.

Hey we’re starting at 9:36!

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