There are more and more groups today oriented towards issues and causes. There are peace movements, ecological movements, movements for oppressed people, for the liberation of women, against torture, etc. Each movement is important and, if they are based in community life and in the growing consciousness that in each person there is a world of darkness, fear, and hate, they can then radiate truth and inner freedom, and work towards justice and peace in the world.

If not, they can become very aggressive and divide the world between oppressors and the oppressed, the good and the bad. There seems to be a need in human beings to see evil and combat it outside oneself, in order not to see it inside oneself.

“The difference between a community and a group that is only issue-oriented, is that the latter see the enemy outside the group. The struggle is an external one; and there will be a winner and a loser. The group knows it is right and has the truth, and wants to impose it.

The members of a community know that the struggle is inside of each person and inside the community; it is against all the powers of pride, elitism, hate and depression taht are there and which hurt and crush others, and which cause division and war of all sorts.The enemy is inside, not outside.

~Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, 29-30.

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