Better than Wallis

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I’ve fallen off my political discourse of late mostly because, well, it’s good for me to ponder other things. But, a new book just came out, that I haven’t read but will, that fairly well describes my political position.

Crunchy Cons main premise is that something has gone wrong with the conservative movement in this country. We have become too fixated on materialism and consumerism, at the expense of the family and, in turn, the moral character of society. As E. F. Schumacher said, “the essence of civilization is not in a multiplication of wants but in the purification of human character.

I’ve had many conversations with friends with whom I share almost exact positions on a whole lot of issues. Yet, when it comes to voting they choose a different person than I do. This is a curious thing. When Jim Wallis came out with his book, and his tour, I was intrigued because I wondered if this would be a pull to me. It wasn’t. His message on the surface was Christians don’t have to be Republicans, even as his real message was, “yes, they have to be Democrats.”

Now, for me I appreciate the rhetoric. But, I am of the firm belief that no party really gets to helping the poor, because the poor can’t contribute, and I can’t help remember the Democrat in Los Angeles who evicted the homeless advocate because he was a Republican. Having been quite poor for a good part of my life I have realized that the only people who help the poor are the ones who go above politics and just do good work, or who commit to working without partisanship. Bono being the most well known of this method.

Yet, in many ways I don’t match the typical conservative, being that I’m socially conservative but a bit liberal in all manner of other topics, especially the environment. I’d even probably become a vegetarian if in any way, shape, or form I liked any vegetables (I do like corn… but who can live on corn alone?).

So, I’m intrigued by this book, and by Rod Dreher’s new website on the book. From what I can tell this is a responsible position for a Christian to take on the issues involved, written by someone who really wants to transform the party, and renew Evangelical politics for the better. If this is the new direction of the Christian Right, I think I’ll renew my membership card.

Here’s a review.
I should note, for those who bother with such things, he’s also a contributing editor to Touchstone.

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