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So I’m reading a book on church and ministry right now. I have strayed away from such books since I finished seminary mostly because I don’t like them. That’s a terrible thing to say, I know, and I’m sorry. I suspect that’s why I haven’t gotten my Emerging Church Membership card in the mail (which gives you a 10% discount at Starbucks and at the Apple store). I almost made up for it by growing a goatee the last few weeks, but this was for a pirate costume party not for “relevance” and I’ve since shaved it off for a cleaner look. I’m clearly not emerging.

In this book I’m reading I came across a sentence which starts this way, “Banks quotes occasionally from an old book…” Great! I’m thinking what, 14th century, 10th century, maybe even 5th century. Or, at the very least maybe something by Wesley, or Fox, or Roger Williams (the baptist, not the baseball player). Footnote #3 leads me to the bottom of the page where the copyright reveals it all. This “old book”? Published in 1976.

Ah, old like that. Keith Green sort of old. Fleetwood Mac kind of old. American Bicentennial, drumming Patriot quarter, kind of old. Almost, but not quite, as old as me kind of old.


By the by, there’s a great deal I agree with in this book I’m reading. It’s not the content that bothers me about ministry books, it’s the approach and style. For whatever reason it brings out the snarkiness in me, and for that I apologize. This should be out of my system in a couple of days.

At least I’m not talking about politics.

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