Moon and Mars

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From last night, the view above:

Moon and Mars

2 Responses to “Moon and Mars”

  1. Zippy The Troll Says:

    i noticed that but didn’t know who it was. thanks for the id.

  2. Patrick Says:

    You’re quite welcome. It’s always comforting to know who it is looking at us from above.

    Your comment, for whatever reason, made me think about this a little bit more. I find it inexplicably curious how ten days ago when the moon was a waxing sliver it tranversed the sky with Venus as a companion.

    Now that it is full it moves with Mars.

    Later in the month, waning towards newness, it will accompany Saturn.

    Love, War, then Sowing.

    Even if astronomy is not predictive it certainly can seem to be illustrative.