random rumination

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A moment of quiet, a small bit of peace, even the birds pursuing soundless tasks. The sky bright and clear, sun-filled yet cool. Peace abounds.

A moment just to sit, to listen to the silence, to let the so gentle rhythms of the early afternoon seep into this oft raucous soul. The sound of a distant mower, rasping and scraping, ends this, but only slightly.

What wisdom is there, what news pray tell? What is the soul within being told? Only the gentle silence, mildly broken, is heard. The yearnings so deep, addictive. Yearning for the yearning, just to feel the life. The stillness, occasionally torn, speaks peace even to this.

What say you my soul to the rest without? Content shall you be? Dare say thankful? ‘Buts’ and ‘Ands’ assert, their inharmonic cackling more disturbing than the mowing and now hammering. If peace within can ever be grasped, then all that is outside has lost its power.

To pray, to rest, to simply be and become, letting the gentleness of the present whisper to my soul. To be on the ship in the middle of the storm, Jesus asleep, yet still calm in my heart, having faith, that is the becoming I seek

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