a question about society and those who live near me

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Maybe a parent could answer this question for me. I drove off to get the mail this afternoon (we do not have home delivery in these here hills and depend on PO boxes). When I came back, the intersection where I turn to come home was lined with parked cars. It’s a bus stop, where yellow school buses drop off the youngsters after a fine day of educatin’ and schoolin’.

So, there are mothers, and some fathers, parked along the street, waiting at the bus stop to drive their assorted and various kids home.

Why don’t they just drive to the school and pick them up there? I don’t get it. Is is somehow more fashionable to wait at the bus stop rather than drive the extra 2 miles to the school?

It was a curious thing to me.

Now, back to watching the birds. My realization on this topic this morning came upon viewing a flicker sitting on my balcony for a good while. I realized flickers have the personalities of doves with the bodies of woodpeckers. Makes for a curious bird to watch indeed. Gentle… but with that fierce sharp beak, just in case. Reminds me of some people I know.

I took some pictures, but they came out terrible as I had to take them through a sliding glass door, with strong glare in the background. You’ll have to imagine the flicker. Go ahead. Imagine the flicker. Come on. There, that’s it.

Now I realize it’s 4:00 and I never did get around to eating lunch. It’s nice when that happens I think. Means I’m busy and busy in an interested in what I’m doing sort of way. But, since it’s four and I’m not similarly busy and do realize I need to eat a bite or two, I thinks that’s precisely what I’ll get about to doing.

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